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05. August 2018

Do you still remember where your first day of work was and where you started your apprenticeship? Or your first day in a new department? We, Alexandra and Laura - apprentices in the 2nd year for the profession hotel and hospitality assistant or HGA, remind us exactly on our first days at the reception of the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming and our common exciting time there …

I, Alexandra Berger, started my apprenticeship at the age of 17 on the 1st of June 2017 as HGA in the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming, in the restaurant as Commis de Rang. It quickly became clear to me that in our industry you have to be fast, always friendly and professional. Since I was very happy to be among people and they also served with pleasure with the local delicacies, serving was just the right introduction for me. 

After I completed the first class in the LBS (Polytechnic) Bad Gleichenberg in 2 months with distinction, which is where I met and got to know Laura and shared a room together, I changed my position to SPA reception. There again I was confronted with new challenging tasks, where I learnt the basics of hotel reception work.

In April / May 2018 after the hotel’s closing period, I started working at the reception. Although I was already used to all my colleagues, I was still nervous before my first day. I was honestly a little scared of messing things up with the hotel’s computer program in regards for example to reservations. But my lovely front desk colleagues calmed me down very quickly and I was looking forward to that first day as a receptionist.

Equipped with my dirndl, the warm spring day started at 08:30 in my new department. Everyone greeted me warmly and the work began. My colleagues first of all explained to me how to start the day at the reception and how the shift schedule works. There is always one of the early service and the late service has and in between even those who have an intermediary and to the respective services the areas of responsibility. With the early service, I was quickly made known and the next day, I was allowed - of course with supervision - to independently run the early service list.

Already on the first day I was fairly familiar with our specialist hotel program 'Protel', for which I had already made copious notes about since it is quite a complicated program. However, the contact with the numerous pleasant guests gave me great pleasure, and I soon began to realize that I would become good friends with the reception and the work this entails.

My name is Laura Seebacher, am 17 years old, and am in my second year as apprentice hotel and restaurant assistant in Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming, working on reception where I was heartily welcomed. Although I had already done some reception work in another hotel, and also knew two of my colleagues, I was still very nervous. I can still remember walking through the automatic doors into the lobby and was greeted by the smiling face of my soon new colleague Celina, who until then I did not know. From that moment the ice was broken.

I became thorough training in the hotel program, which at that point seemed very complicated. Time flew whilst being shown the different new and interesting functions and tasks. The very next day I was allowed to work independently using my notes and task list. All colleagues were very pleasant with me, willing to help and advise and so work was great fun for me.

What is really worth mentioning is that there is the chance to visit an evening Matura (A Levels in English) course at WiFi Groebming, which both Alexandra and I visit on a regular basis. 

We would both again decide to take the hotel and restaurant assistant course, because it is a job with much variation, and great fun. You meet a lot of new interesting people, and there are a lot of opportunities for career advancement. Above all we would like to work abroad, where with our soon to be finished education we could have good chances to do.
Alexandra and I are pleased to be able to work in Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming, and are in anticipation what tasks await us over the coming 18 months. We also enjoy working at reception, since it is simply the heart of any hotel. We are extremely happy to work with such helpful colleagues, with whom you can also have a lot of fun and become friends.

Because the job is like a robbery - without the right accomplices nothing can go right!

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