Trainee – and now? Part 1

29. May 2019

The Falkensteiner Trainee Program prepares you perfectly for a career in tourism, because in 18 months you can gain experience in all departments of the hotel, including stays abroad, and specialize afterwards. We introduce you to successful graduates of our program and ask how they were doing.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your career path?

My name is Allen, I am 29 years old and I am from Croatia. At the moment I am Front Office Manager at Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik.

I have been working for Falkensteiner since 2013 and passed through various stations. I started out as a Front Office Receptionist at our five-star hotel Iadera and was soon promoted to Guest Relations Manager. In 2015 I changed to reception at Hotel Adriana again where I then was responsible for guest relations one more time. Before my time in tourism I was a student for lectureship in German and English, but found out that this was not the right thing for me.

How did you discover your passion for tourism?

As I speak many languages, the industry was always interesting for me. Through internships I found out that I enjoy working with people and I like the daily contact with guests a lot. At first I was a little sceptical, but then I realized that it was my true vocation. The job has become part of my private life and working with my team and guests is really important to me. 

Why did you apply for our Trainee Program?

At first I did not really want to apply, as I did not know what would happen afterwards. However, since I am a very ambitious person and the General Manager supported me in that decision, I applied at the last moment – and that was just right. What was particularly great for me was the prospect of getting to know every department.

What was the highlight of your training?

There were definitely more than one highlight. The fact that I was able to get to know the good and bad sides of each department and see what works really well and where there is room for improvement, is certainly part of it. Moreover I liked the prestige aspect of the Trainee Program. As a trainee you are known during and after the program by everybody in the resort and you are respected by your colleagues because they know that you have insights into their daily work and had an open ear for them. Departments I did not find interesting before e.g. spa, housekeeping, HR or kitchen, became more exciting because of the program.

What are your further goals?

My primary goal is to become a General Manager in the near future, because I see this as my true vocation. I want to bring our motto “Welcome Home” closer not only to our guests but also to our current and future employees. Another personal objective is that I want to prove that I can do much more and I want to show all aspects of my character in all areas.

What would you recommend to people who are also interested in the Trainee Program?

Set realistic goals and apply only if you have a concrete objective in mind. The desire for further training and development needs to exist and it is important to listen and to ask many questions. As a trainee you have to accept that not everything will happen as you want it to and that you have to agree on one or the other compromise. If you can do that – apply!  

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