Head Office Vienna is moving

20. February 2019

Almost 100 employees. Over 10 years. In the 10th district. Time for change. The Head Office Vienna supports the hotels in all aspects, no matter if it is marketing, IT or accounting. It is also the place where the board members act from. 2009 we settled at Columbusplatz and since then we always felt comfortable. However, the office did not fit to our needs anymore. That is why it was time for something new.

New location: Austria Campus

The new office is not situated anywhere, but at one of the most modern work places. Close to Praterstern there is the newly constructed Austria Campus with the concept of the Living Office which should combine harmoniously daily life, business and leisure time. Therefore there is currently a huge Eurest staff restaurant, a kindergarten, a hotel as well as a HOFER at the campus. Moreover shops like take-away services will open little by little and a doctor, conference and event center are planned.  Open spaces with green areas invite to take a break and the nearby recreation areas Prater and Danube Island can be used for sportive activities. 

We were all amazed how big the new office was and had a hard time to find our way initially. Although the common rooms were not finished at our move-in, we recognized the possibilities that the new office will offer. Everything is designed very modern and open. From the “Welcome Home Area” for joint breaks, enough conference rooms, to themed project and creative rooms to a library for quiet work there is everything available. Not only in the hotels there are sauna, terrace, Falkyland & co, but now also at Head Office Vienna – even if it is just in the form of meeting rooms.

Good organization is the A and O

How is it possible to move a whole office virtually overnight? It definitely needs a lot of coordination effort and employees who pull in the same direction. Already from December on the big cleaning out was on our agenda: Not needed documents were disposed, old material sorted out and folder reorganized until everything was ready for the transportation by a removal company. Then we stowed personal stuff in a box and were astonished how different the office looks that “naked”. On the last day everything was cleaned diligently to leave the facilities tidy and then we left one last time our so far known surrounding with a little bit of melancholy. 

The IT Team had one day time to set up all server before everybody could get their new working place. We did not need to bother about anything else and were even taken to our work place personally by the assistants. As several were not finished yet, we had to become comfortable with construction site like conditions. We are therefore all the more delighted to see the final result and feel comfortable in our new environment.

An office that fulfills our demands and nothing stands in the way of productive working in the next years.

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