Falky, the builder

10. March 2018

In the middle of winter, Falky takes the time to fly down to Zadar and to see the new things and changes at our Club Funimation Borik. He is curious so see the progress of the 146 renovated rooms as well as the restaurants and bar.

He is going to visit and play with the children here in Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik from June 2018 again. So as there is not much time left till the opening, he decided to visit us here in advance and see the progress for himself.

Many busy people are working here – and a construction side is no place for little children. Falky however takes the necessary precautions so that he can go and see the sample room. This is important for the workers to be able to come and have a see how the architect imagined it. More than half of the rooms will be renovated this year. In addition not only the Minibar is now included during high seasons, but you can also order room service from midnight till 7 am. There will be three different types of comfortable sofa-beds for the children and very soon, the interior designer will order them so that they are here on time for our little guests. 

In the restaurant the workers only just started and you cannot see much yet but the architect explains to Falky what it is going to look like soon. More front cooking stations will give the cooks a better opportunity to show their talents.

The Tramontana Bar will be open longer this year, from 8 am till midnight, and will serve a wider variety of international drinks and cocktails. The snack bar will also be open from 11am till midnight and will offer a completely new and extended range of dishes. For people who are still hungry after midnight, there will also be a midnight snack.

Falky is glad that he will be able to do so many activities with the children and that there is also a fitness centre in the SPA – otherwise he would soon not fit in his trousers anymore with all those delicious new offers. Falky decides he will have some vital snack in the SPA centre regularly.

However, Falky really looks forward to seeing all the kids at Club Funimation Borik again. His friends from the animation team already sent him details what they have planned this year. During the football world cup there will be many football related activities.

As usual, the stage will be filled with Falky disco, shows, dances, competitions and many more activates. Now Falky cannot resist anymore – he goes down to the sea and puts a claw into the water – brrrr! No, currently it’s too cold to go swimming, but in June it will be perfect again. Perhaps this year Falky also finds the time again to take the tourist train to the old town of Zadar. 

Falky is also very proud of all his friends here in Zadar. And he has every right to be: Holidaycheck awarded our hotel with the Holidaycheck Gold Award 2018. With all this in mind Falky is looking forward to be back in Club Funimation Borik in June and to have another amazing summer with you in Zadar.

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