Black stains on my hands

10. November 2018

Hardly noticeable whispering. Then a sudden silence in the room. Everybody looks at me. I feel my heart beating faster. My breath gets shallower. I quickly look at my hands, where still black stains are located. Annoying, I just cleaned them. On top of that, my hands and my forehead get wet as well. Everybody is looking at me full of expectation…

But stop! Let’s start from the beginning. One year ago the time had come: the era of Area Trainer begun. Gathered to have a positive impact: one the one hand to carry the basic training of the Falkensteiner Academy into the world, on the other hand to assess the training needs in the hotels.

Before that, there was a week-long high intensive training on our agenda. Besides planning, creation and learning of various trainings, essential questions were answered such as “Where do I stand that everybody sees me well and how do I manage to stay there?” So far unsolved remains the questions of the best flip chart. Typing power vs. Stain power were discussed frequently (my decision probably gets clear during this text).

Happy, equipped with presentation kit and prepared flip charts we travelled throughout the lands. Together with the owl EVA, the magic spell “WaBriMiDa” and the ABC method, we showed our protégés how to tackle complaining guests, bad salespersons from the type “vacuum cleaner representative” and the evil vicious wheel of trainings.

On our trips we could experience one or the other adventures. Starting with our loyal horses (the pool cars), that could be a bit diva-like from time to time, up to various forces of natures (snow), that makes our life even more exciting. Also foreign orders were on our agenda including Bon Mots of the locals “Don’t forget – you are in Italy!”. From March on the Learning and Development entourage welcomed a new team member from the South – now we were complete and could be looking forward to further adventures. All in all we were warmly accepted everywhere and we were guaranteed full support, a typical “Welcome Home”!

Back to the everyday training life: To provide the perfect place for learning, you have to get up early. Literally: we are especially popular among the banquet manager when we arrive at 7:00 am. Good things take time – also the transformation of a boring conference room to a room of know-how. Here a flip chart, there a moderation card and a poster over there. And of course a candy on every place. At 9:00 am the first protégés arrive…

… and suddenly I forget the black stains, focus my view calmly on the group, put one foot in front of the other, take a deep breath and say self-confident “Good morning and welcome to guest orientation and complain management! My name is…”   

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