Behind the scenes: Video shooting at Schlosshotel Velden

17. April 2019

In the course of my six months lasting internship in Employer Branding at the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group I had the opportunity to accompany our Marketing-Team to a video shoot at the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden. Thereby I was able to get deeper insights about the effort of shooting videos and about what happens behind the scenes. Videos are becoming more and more important and popular and this year they are also our special focus. That's why at the beginning of the year we decided to go to our Schlosshotel Velden for a wellness video shooting. I'll take you behind the scenes and share my impressions with you.

Together with our Social Media Manager and our Head of Graphic Design, who is also a passionate photographer, we met the video team in Velden. With the guys from Constant Evolution we visited the set on the first evening - the wellness area. Velden’s Marketing Manager showed us everything we needed for the next 2 days from the backstage area, saunas, to the styling room. During the tasty dinner at Schlossstern - we needed some help with the food (ever heard of Reinanke and Huchen?) - we could already discuss the next day.

Spa ladies in focus

On the first day the spa staff had their big performance. They chose a topic they were familiar with, such as osteopathy, and were then interviewed about it. Of course this is a completely new situation, which has nothing in common with their daily work and I could understand their excitement.

"The perception was indeed stress and tension, but the reality was a wonderful exciting experience where everyone could learn a lot. Thanks for that."

In the meantime also our make-up artist Heidi Größwang had arrived and spread out in her styling room. I was surprised how much make-up material she carried with her! She styled the spa ladies professionally, according to their own wishes. At the same time we prepared the Spa Bistro - the set for the interviews - and moved the (very heavy!) furniture and decorated the tables for a harmonious camera cutout. Our estimation was one hour per topic, although the interviews would only last a few minutes.

 "It was a feel-good situation, which was supported by empathetic and competent video team. Also the professionals (Team Falkensteiner, make-up artist etc.) around the video team supported us sensationally well".

We used the whole hour because many parts had to be repeated, sometimes sentence by sentence. Not easy at all, because the former perfect formulation had to come to mind again! Everyone gave their best and finally all interviews were recorded and after a short lunch break, the cutting material was on our agenda in the afternoon. That means to shoot pictures matching the content of the interviews - so our spa ladies were back in action and had to do the same movements over and over again. Our marketing manager was amazed - her back, feet and face were treated for the shots. 

"It was a great experience, lot of trust in professionals, lasting interesting impressions and a great pleasure to have been part of it.”

Time management on point 

The next day our team was extended by two more people. A model has arrived from Munich, as well as a stylist, who had different outfits for each scene in her luggage. We had some plans: Hourly changing of the set was planned and we started with a little delay, because - as I learned - styling always takes longer than planned. 

The set change always lasted quite long, because we didn't only shoot in the wellness area, but also in the hotel room or directly at the Wörthersee. When the model had to do yoga poses outdoors wearing a sports outfit, I felt sorry for her - and I'm sure it wasn't too much fun as it was slightly below zero! At noon then the other extreme - with over 60 degrees our video specialists sweated in the sauna, while I stood outside with towels and bathrobe waiting for them. Afterwards the scenes in the outdoor pool followed, a special highlight as the drone was used for this - how cool! It took some time until the model was ready for the next scene change as her hair needed to be dried. So I was all the more surprised that despite the initial delay, we were back on our time schedule and managed to shoot all the scenes until the model had to leave again. 

My conclusion

I was allowed to spend two very interesting days in the beautiful Schlosshotel Velden (by the way, I always wanted to stay overnight there - it is probably the most famous Falkensteiner). To see camera experts working was also new to me, I wasn't aware how much equipment belongs to it. So far I haven’t met any models, stylists and make-up artists yet and now I can only really estimate the effort of a video shoot now. Many new cool impressions and experiences for which I am very grateful!

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