10 Reasons why working at Falkensteiner

06. October 2018

What you always wanted to know about working in hospitality ...

1.    Working in a family-run business
The company history started back in 1957, when a small guest house (picture) was opened in South Tyrol – today, you can see the development. Despite this growth, the hotel group Falkensteiner is in the hands of Erich and Andreas Falkensteiner. The company Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG) covers 3 business units by now: Development of new projects, consulting and hotel-operations.

2.    Working where others spend their vacation 
It is a privilege to have your work place in a surrounding that other people choose as their holiday destination. Whether at a lake, in the Alps or at the beach - the locations of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences offer a nice place to work. 

3.    Training and development
Standing still is not an option for us. That is why there is the especially founded Falkensteiner Academy to ensure the training and development of our team members. The portfolio ranges from onboarding or special seminars for F&B to an academy specifically for apprentices. 

4.    Various events
Participating in the business run or travelling to one of our hotels to join the yearly team days? No problem, because we take care that our employees are able to experience different activities and events.

5.    Living joined values
Right from the start we try to pass on the values that are important to us, the so-called home spirits. If you can identify yourself among others with tradition, courage and dynamic, you are at the right place and you will get to know, how these values are lived within the company.

6.    Welcome home
This statement does not only refer to our guests, but is in particular relevant for our team members. Everybody should feel like home and welcomed to become part of the steadily growing Falkensteiner family.

7.    International environment
From the former little guest house, a hotel group quickly developed that operates beyond the border of South Tyrol. Nowadays Falkensteiner is represented in 7 countries and established on an international level. Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro. 7 amazing countries where experiences can be gathered.

8.    Career opportunities
It is important for us to identify potential and to develop it further. Due to job rotation between the hotels or the chance to change into an office, it is possible to find out what you are really intended to do. 

9.    Employee discount
Who does not like to spend their time in a 4 or 5 star hotel at an unbelievable price? Our so-called staff rate is very popular with our team members to stay in our hotels at home and abroad at preferential conditions. Moreover, it is a valuable experience to get to know how the hotels are perceived from a guest’s perspective.

10.    Growing company
Currently we are represented at 33 locations, but there will be more. New target markets are already investigated and there is nothing to prevent further growth which is the ideal condition to create even more safe jobs.

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